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So who does little guiri respect more than anyone in the travel blogging scene? Well isn’t that just the million Euro question eh? Here are the links of pages I love and admire from like-minded folk not just in Spain but all around the world. Check them out or live a life of uninspired existence. You choose.


Ali Baverstock – Ali is a travel writer based in Madrid and he runs a kick-ass podcast over on his site. Check it out and stay up to date with what’s going on in and around Madrid.

Christine in Spain – One of the longest running “life in Spain” blogs on the scene and an amazingly designed site full of cojonudo photos. Run by American expat in Andalusia Christine. Go there now.

Gee Cassandra – Cassandra is a Madrid-based American English teacher with a knack for an entertaining yard. She’s also bloody good at Spanish and I kind of envy her for this. Hit this site up.

Gastronomic Nomad – A travel blog of adventures, food and culture in Spain and around the world.

Liz en España – Liz is an expat-American living in Bilbao, Northern Spain and another blogger rocking a “name in Spain” blog title.

Lorna Life in Spain – Lorna Penfold and Alan Parks decided to move to rural Cordoba over 4 years ago. This blog chronicles their trials and tribulations getting used to life here, and to breeding alpacas their chosen new career!

Molly’s Spain – Molly is an expat that’s been living in Spain for 14 years. Formerly living in Barcelona but now in Andalusia, Molly is a great expert on all things Granada.

Recetas Americans – An American expat shares prime American home-cooking while travelling Spain

Spanish Sabores – Lauren’s guide to expat life in Madrid, Spanish recipes and travelling Spain

The Spain Scoop – The Spain Scoop is a site that brings a whole bunch of my favourite Spain-based travel bloggers together to talk about what’s going on and what’s worth seeing around this beautiful, beautiful country.

Spanish Travel Guide – Spanish Travel guide – Read about where the best places to visit in Spain are!

Teach and Travel Spain – Lauren’s site all about travelling and working

Global Grasshopper’s Places to Visit in Spain – The international Grasshopper team take us through their most beautiful recommendations on places to check out in Spain.

World Travel

1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure – Giving my son the world.

360 Global Travel

The Art of Slow Travel – Denise’s is fantastic blog about travelling the world slowly and on your own terms.

Active Backpacker – Tom from Active Backpacker enjoys gallivanting around Europe and Asia, writing resource filled posts for newbie backpackers as well as those of a personal nature.

Adventures with Dan – The cheeky boy Dan is an around the world traveller with a keen artistic eye. One of my big-time homies.

All About Abroad

America Travel Destination Guide – Your guide to travel all over America and abroad.

America For Travelers – A travel site with information for those looking to explore America.

Around the World in 80 Girls – Neil Skywalker, the epic 3 year trip of a backpacking Casanova

Around the World in Eighty Years – The Travel Writing and Photography of Jim O’Donnell

Aspiring Backpacker

Aussie on the Road

Bananaroti – Cool travel and food blog dedicated to the lovely flavours of the world.

Backpacker Crush –  Just how hot was that backpacker you met in Laos? Follow the backpacking exploits of one snap happy, pale, pizza-eating London lad as he travels the globe and shares his top fives, interviews, tech tips and diary entries from the past seven years and counting. – Bizarre Foods of the World.

Belize Adventure – A travel blog featuring stories on Belize.

Boomeresque – Suzanne’s a baby boomer promoting around the world travel for the children of her generation and beyond.

Bohemian Travelers – Exit rat race, enter adventure.

Backpacking Travel Blog – A backpacking blog with a difference.

Britain Outdoors  – Britain Outdoors – Helping you make the most of the British outdoors.

Britain For Travellers – A travel site with information for those looking to explore Britain.

Blonde Gypsy – Travel addict, wannabe writer, and iPhone photographer.

The British Travel Guide – British Travel Guide – Where to visit during your stay in the UK.

Britain Travel Destination Guide  – Your guide to travel all over Britain and abroad

Budget Travel Intentions – Budget travel ideas for the penny pinching traveler

Captain and Clark – The modern cartographers – travel blogging video pros.

Canucking Abroad – A guide for Canadians travelling the world.

Chasing the Unexpected – Tales from Wonderland

Chicagoland Food Blog – Harrison’s site dedicated to Chicago recipes and around the world culinary influences.

Complete Travel Guide – Complete travel guide – Great travel advice.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller – Alex is travelling the world like any girl should. On the beach, in the bars and hanging out around the towns!

Culture Shapers – A what to see and do guide on the world’s most popular spots

Discover Life – Discovering yourself through travel

Discover Your Indonesia – Firsta’s project to fulfill her passion for tourism and also document her love of writing and photography. This is an Indonesia travel reference from a local perspective.

Easy Travel – Travel is a passion for some, while for others it is a means of spending quality time with their family and friends. This covers all bases.

Eurail Travels – Your online guide for Eurail Pass Information.

Europe Travel Destination Guide  – Your guide to travel all over Europe and abroad

Europe For Travellers – A travel site with information for those looking to explore Europe.

Etramping – “Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!

Everything-Everywhere – Travel blog of Gary Arndt’s journey to travel everywhere.

Expat Chronicles – Colin’s tales from the heart of Colombia.

Finding the Universe – Travel tales, photography and a dash of humour.

Flip Nomad – Flip is a guy from the Philippines travelling and seeing the world on as little money as possible. Check out his blog for budget travel tips!

Fluent in Frolicking – 30+ Solo Female Traveler, showing mastery in behaving playfully around the world. She shares her musings, budgets, and frolicking tips with you. Bad with learning new languages but very fluent in frolicking.

Four Jandals – An Adventurous Kiwi Couple, Cole and Adela, are travelling all over the world in jandals (New Zealand slang for Flip Flops)

Geriatric Traveller

Girl in the World – Natalie is a solo-female traveller making her way around the world. Check out what she’s got to say about it.

Global Travel Guide – Global Travel Guide – Places you must visit during your lifetime

Green Travel

Have You Met Sonia – One certain Polish girl takes on the world.

Holiday Backpack – the world’s first truly multilingual travel blog

Holiday Vacations Guide

Holidays Egypt – A site dedicated to travel to and throughout Egypt

Hot Spot Journal – The world’s best undiscovered destinations.

How to Make Money Travel Blogging – Offering up a plethora of ways to make money with your travel blog.

I’m Not Home – Travel stories and tips as a basketball-loving, vegetarian backpacker and a guitar-wielding expat geologist explore the globe.

Imperator Travel – Cezar’s hobby is to travel and he has visited 88 countries. At Imperator Travel you will find lots of information and tips how to travel smartly.

Insured For Travel – A site dedicated to useful information about traveler’s insurance

Leah Travels

Leave Your Daily Hell – Don’t you think you should travel more?

Lizzie Goes

Lola’s Travels – A sassy, fun-loving, and flirtatious traveler, Lola has a flair for finding adventure and making new friends. A typical Lola trip is only a few days, so she’s a master at getting the most out of her getaway. A Frommer’s guide this is not, but Lola does spotlight exceptional places to stay, eat, shop and play in a playful, yet informative way.

Lost Intentions

Lost Summit

Low Coast RTW

Man Vs. Clock – Anthony’s been kicking fear in the balls since 2010.

Melted Stories – The trials and tribulations of a travelling few.

Nomadic American – Heather. Twenty-something. American nomad.

Nomadic Notes – Follow James on his travels around the world and life as a digital nomad.

Nomadic Photos

Nomadic Samuel – Travel Blog that is miles away from ordinary…dripping with sarcasm

NyLon Flights – A site dedicated to New York and London travel info

The Professional Hobo – The adventures of Nora Dunn, traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way since 2007.

The Neon Jungle Princess – Abby is a Vegas girl living life loud and travelling the world in the process.

Never Ending Footsteps – Lauren saved up in London, hit the road last year and wound up in the wilds of Asia.

New Travel Co – At New Travel Co, we believe travel is a passion and we want to help our readers get the best information possible before heading out into the world.

News Traveller – Spreading the news about the joy of travel.

On a Junket – Mike and co host some of the best travel stories on the net

Off Beat Chicago – The offbeat tourists guide to Chicago.

Off-The-Path – Sebastian is an adventurer, student and marketing consultant. Since 2008 he travels around the world and combines his passion for travel and marketing. On he shares his personal reviews of countries, cities, attractions and much more.

On My Walkabout – Living Vicariously Through Yourself – Jade’s site full of tips on budget travel and destination guides.

ParamountTravel – Travel is paramount to living a kick-ass life and this site does its damn best to encourage you to do the same.


Sante Fe Travelers – The experts in travel to Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Singapore Guide Online – A site dedicated to Singapore travel

Single Travel Guide

Start To Run – The travellers guide on how to make and save money abroad.

So Many Places – Kim and Brian are quitting their jobs, saving their money and travelling the world. Be sure to see how they get on.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Photos of beautiful smiling people from around the world every day.

Stranded Passengers

Tanama Tales – Exploring life’s off-the-beaten-path options.

Teach English Travel Overseas – Site promoting one of the best ways you can travel the world and earn a good living.

TEFL in Thailand

The Lost Backpack – Getting lost is half the fun

The Most Alive – Ash’s account of travels of a wild heart.

Travel Blog Advice – What you need to know about travel blogging.

Travel Reportage – Italian travel blogger based in Egypt on a slow RTW trip.

Traveling Canucks – A site dedicated to travel, adventure and world discovery

Traveling Liz – A search for knowledge, adventure & frequent flier miles.

Travel Ideas – UK travel guide.

Travel Maestro – John-James site that shares all his adventures and experiences around the world.

Travel The Middle East – One day I will learn Arabic. When I do this site will be my bible.

Travel Rinse Repeat – John is constantly traveling across the United States on business and no matter where he ends up, he strives to make the most of every travel opportunity.

Traveling Round the World – Rory’s adventures across the globe

Travel Photography Tips – Excellent site offering top travel photography tips.

Travel Weekly – Usman travels the globe doing what he does best: writing about the places he visits.

The Planet D: Dave and Deb run this popular adventure travel blog. Living by their motto “Adventure is for Everyone” they aim to inspire people to follow their dreams and push their boundaries. Their adventures have taken them to all 7 continents and over 70 countries where they’ve taken on epic challenges such as cycling from Cairo to Cape Town and driving a car from England to Mongolia.

Travel with Mates

The Last Stop – The last greatest adventures you’ll ever need.

The Road Dog


The Traveling Mum – Join Lorraine as she travels around the world being a kick-ass mom in the process. Looks great in goofy hats too!

The Traveller – Your ultimate guide to balancing tequila and tourism. – Top Travel Destination around the world

travelwkly – a blog covering traveling destination around the world

The World or Bust – Travel babble at its best

The Wrong Way Home – Izy is a young girl from New Zealand living the nomadic lifestyle with no idea of when she’ll go back home.

That Backpacker – Backpacker that hops around the world

TopSpotTravel – From Backpacking to Luxury Travel, this site does it all in style

Tourist to Townie – Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard on his quest to experience Latin America like a local, one adventure at a time
Travel Bay – Travel Bay is a travel resource site that helps readers prepare for their trip or find information along the way.
Traveler Ahoy – Travel…it only takes one time

Travel Times – Best party spots around the world (it’s like high times, but about getting drunk).

Traveling Ted TV – An adventure travel portal that is no idiot box. I hike, canoe, ski, and backpack around the globe bringing readers along to share adventures while providing inspiration and tips.

Two Weeks To Travel – Travel tips, advice and destinations for the 9-5 set.

Uncornered Market – Travel blog around the world with Dan and Audrey

UnitedStates-touristattractions – I spent a year abroad in Miami when I was a nipper. If only there was a blog like this back then telling me what to do and see!

Unhook Now – World Travel Adventures to 100 countries – Helping people escape their 9 to 5 routines and realize & afford their travel dreams.

Under The Same Sun – Connecting With World Cultures Through Travel

Vegas Travel Source – Your all-in-one stop for Las Vegas travel info

Velabas – A Travel Narrative and Drawings from Hitchhiking Around the World.

Villa Dream Vacations  – The most chic villas and hotels from around the world.

Vacation Lifestyle – Make travel your full time lifestyle

Wanderlusting – Wanderlusting grew out of the need to share all the inspiring truths, surprising challenges and knowledge that travel offers.

World Flavor – Seeking out everything delicious & interesting.

World Travel Destination Guide – Your guide to travel all over the World

World Leading Vacations – Here at World Leading Vacations, we are OBSESSED with everything travel!

World Wide Travel Guide – Information about where to travel in the world.

World Wandering Kiwi – Writing and photography from Natasha von Geldren.

World For Travelers – A travel site with information for those looking to explore RTW.

What’s Dave Doing – Dave “does” places, rather than people and boy does he “do” them well. Check out this blog all about the wanderlust spirit of a certain New Zealander.

Wandering Trader Travel Blog – My man Marcello travels to far flung destinations wreaking havoc wherever he goes. The guy almost got taken out in South Sudan. One of my favourite travel blogs around.

Wae-gook Tom – Tom is a chico close to my heart studying and working his little socks off in Korea and travelling the world in the process.

Yeity – Quirky Travel

Yomadic – A travel blog that inspires you to travel nomadic, travel long-term.

You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? – Travelling, living, working and volunteering in over 80 countries.


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    Thanks for all the great links to all these great places. I look forward to reading more about your travels. 🙂

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    You forgot me 🙁

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    and me and my humble blog!

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    Thank you for sharing this incredible amount of travel blogs!

    I recently started my own travel blog and getting very excited everyday 🙂

    World is beautiful and I want to discover it and share it!


  5. Lanora November 30, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    So when I post my essay with video about visiting the gay cabaret in Paris, will I qualify for your list/

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    Hi Will Peach!

    I stumbled on your blog via Twitter (now a follower!) and really love your site. You are managing to do something unique in a redundant, saturated space- kudos to you!

    I am a Texan(nie) who moved to Madrid in 2011 and recently launched my own food (Southern U.S. and Spanish) and life blog ( it? :-).

    If you are up for it, I would love to cross-pollinate posts with you. I would promote on my site as well as FB. Twitter, Pinterest and, if applicable, Foodspotting.

    If you’re interested, shoot me an email.

    Buen viaje y feliz 2013!


    PS- What a great name, btw!

  7. Grant Lucas November 6, 2013 at 8:06 am #

    Helpful and impressive list. I am planning to put up a travel blog on my own. In that way I’d be able to share my travel experiences and unforgettable moments I have when traveling. Thank you so much for this, mate.

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