Barcelona’s Chocolate Hotspots


Though Spain was the first country to officially experience the wonders of chocolate, back in 1528 when it arrived from the ‘New World’, edible chocolate did not emerge until the eighteenth century. Barcelona was there at the forefront of the edible chocolate revolution, shortly after the invention of the first chocolate-making machine in 1780. Continue Reading →

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What Are the Similarities Between Madrid and London?


Me in The British Museum. Credit: Fernanda Ortega

A much anticipated ‘hola’ from British shores to the readers here at The stifling summer heat of Madrid has been left behind and I’m now embracing the overcast skies of a post-Brexit Britain. Gone are the seductive  terrazas of Atocha and Lavapies offering the cooling embrace of a caña. From now on in it’s Tesco’s and a urine-drenched English park bench.

At the least I’ll have time to catch up now on all things Spanish-language learning related. Now that I’m away from the country that best keeps my loins limber and my heart a passionate mess. So expect plenty more of that to come. I promise.

Yet based on my recent travels switching up one European capital for another, and – after coming across this question on Quora, I thought my experiences comparing Madrid to London (two cities in which I’ve spent an equal amount of time living) might help make for an interesting little discussion. The fact I brought a Madrid-based Brazilian along for the London ride? Only made matters more interesting after hitting up all the usual city landmarks too. 

But as for the main similarities between these two cultural behemoths of urban pestilence and depravity? Read on. Continue Reading →

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What to Know When Traveling in Spain

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Travel is an amazingly freeing thing to be able to do. The act of allowing your normal routine to be interrupted so that you are able to envelope yourself into a new culture is amazing. As fun as I can be however, you do not want to be the traveler that sticks out like a sore thumb as the traditional tourist. You want to attempt to blend in as much as possible and to blend in when in Spain requires a bit of knowhow. Continue Reading →

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Brits Abroad, Spain and Balearics Look Set To Continue To Be Our Most Popular Destinations


Figures released by UK parliament show that 2015 saw 13% of Britain’s tourists head to Spain and the Balearics for their holidays and suggest that 2016 will be no different as Brits seek sunshine, sea, sand and sangria. Continue Reading →

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