My Spanish Lovers: Molly’s Life in Spain

My Spanish Lovers - Molly Spears-Piccavey

Molly enjoying Sevilla's Plaza de España


Hola a todos! Welcome to a new episode of My Spanish Lovers, the web’s best-loved Spanish interview series, where I take a step back from the same old narcissistic spiel about myself to cover other great lovers of life in Spain, the Spanish language and all that there is to see and do in this big and varied country.

Today is an extra special episode as I’m profiling my good Granada friend Molly Sears-Piccavey, a British expat who’s been living Spain now for over 15 years. Molly runs the super cool blog Molly’s Spain and her knowledge on what to see, do and eat in Spain is truly something to marvel at (trust me, I’ve done exactly that many, many times!). The answers she comes up with in this one? You can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to be good!

Let’s take a look shall we? Continue Reading →

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Why I’m Leaving Granada: Vote on Where I’m Going to Live in Spain Next!

where to live in Spain next?

Confused? I will be. I want YOU to tell me where to go next!

Well it’s been a funny old time, these past three months. I spoke not long ago about when I first came to live in Spain six months ago, and now look what’s happening. My three months in Granada? Flown by faster than I guess Mo from Spain Struck could pull a young ripe Romanian (that’s what happens when you put it all out there chica!). But enough about that crazy expat. Today’s post, in true return-to-form style, is all about this crazy one…

So today I’d like to do two things – cos’ I’m all about the doubling-up as some of you already know ;) First, I’d like to eulogise a bit on the time I’ve spent meeting people and living in this fantastic Spanish city, and second, I’d like to chat a little about where and what’s next for My Spanish Adventure (hint: it involves you).

Hold on to your hats Spanish lovers, this one might get a little wet, might get a little soppy, and, hell, might even bring my cold-as-steel soul to little drippy tears!

Come, read on, and find out what’s next as the adventure (or, as my Italian housemate Giulio dubs it, “the British dream”) continues onward… Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Lisa AKA “Mum” from Family in Spain

my Spanish lovers - Family life in Spain

The stars of Family life in Spain

It’s not often I get to speak to Spanish lovers with as many years in Spain, or in quite the same circumstances, as Lisa, mum from the excellent Family Life in Spain blog. Being a (relatively) young, solo traveller myself I have absolutely no idea about what it’s like to travel (or indeed raise) a family abroad. This might be the rude wake up call I’ve been searching for!

In this new chapter I’ll be speaking to Lisa about the challenges of immersion in Spain, learning Spanish and a host of other things that comply with this wonderful life we’ve chosen in the sunny climes of Andalucia.

Over to Lisa! Continue Reading →

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5 Reasons Why Only Speaking English Sucks: 24 Weeks of Immersion

Only speaking English sucks!

Elephants never forget a polyglot!

A big hello to followers of my little Spain travel blog old and new, it’s nice to have you all here perving on my latest adventures. Before I delve into today’s post and continue on with my latest progress report I just want to give a reminder that I welcome all your sexy comments, no matter what the sentiment. Having received a whole bunch of emails from some of you over the past weeks I can say that it’s been positively mind-blowing that any of you would find what I write or say interesting. Seriously. Pieces of my brain are lying scattered all over my Andres Iniesta poster!

Anyway less about that balding little dweeb who’s making good money featuring on every Spanish commercial in existence, today I want to talk about why only speaking English sucks balls hard. As a monolingual Brit who grew up in the shadow of the M4 corridor and all the Gatwick Hotels that encircled my otherwise pleasant rural childhood upbringing, I’ve probably got a right to say that don’t I?

The truth is having embarked on my Spanish learning journey – and now being a good six months in – I’ve learned a heck of a lot about the pitfalls of only being able to speak one language. So with today marking the half-way point of my language studies, and with six months remaining until I go for my Spanish proficiency exam, I want to take the time out to explain just why I feel that way. Ready for some fightin’ talk? Read on. Continue Reading →

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