Find Me Those Who Hate Barcelona!

hate Barcelona

Barcelona lies! Image by AndyP

It’s the city that’s alluded me thus far on my Spanish sojourn, it’s the city it’s damn near impossible to find a hater of. Barcelona.

Yes, the second largest place in this tortilla-chomping country and home to the most annoying football team on the planet (sorry my Puyol loving Hamatha), gets plenty of attention around the web, but is it actually any good?

Having had no inclination to head there myself so far during this adventure (they speak Catalan after all) – and despite Guiri Girl’s best attempts to lure me – I’ve still managed to stay away from it like the MRSA bug I expect it is.

Yet I have been there, ages ago (as a straggly haired first year University student), but back then what was I interested in actually recording my experiences? Hell no. I hadn’t even realised yet that in the very depths of my soul lurked a beautiful burgeoning romantic blogger that might need to call on such experiences later on. Such is the folly of youth.

Anyway that aside, in typical My Spanish Adventure fashion I’ve been playing devil’s advocate to the Catalan capital and the shining reputation it’s gathered. Yes, because it’s about time we got a true reflection of Gaudi’s wet-dream-come-reality, I’ve taken to the Internet (and real life) to source all evidence of hate there is for this city out there. Question is, do you lot, sitting snug in your Wimdu apartment, agree? Continue Reading →

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Nightlife in Rome – Have the Time of Your Life

Hans Beltran is a world traveler, who enjoys writing everything regarding holidays and vacations. Passionate about SEO and world history, found in writing the perfect way to share his experiences with his fellow travelers.
One great option to try if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Rome is visiting some of the monuments, ruins and fountains at night. These areas are beautifully lit at night and they are a popular spot after dark, especially during the summer months. The views are dramatic and you’re sure to get a view of Rome that you’ll never see when the sun is out. Consider visiting the Piazza del Campidoglio for a grand view of the Roman Forum. Another option is to check out the Piazza della Rotonda, which is right across from the Pantheon. It is dramatically beautiful when it is lit up at night and it’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Continue Reading →
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How to Get Laid Faster Using Spanish

get laid faster in Spanish

Come join me in the sack

I bet you thought these progress videos were all but dead eh? Well not exactly. I took the last month off to deal with some stuff (read: catch up with all my work and become a normal person again), so the Spanish progress updates went on the back-burner a bit. Having said that, I still got my creepy groove on during a recent trip to Madrid where I made this video on “10 Useful Spanish Phrases to Use in Spain”.

Putting this together for a guest post over on another prominent Madrid site, I noticed my popularity with young teenage ladies and the profligacy that they have for swearing. As for whether this video will help, as the title of the post suggests, with “getting laid faster”, remains to be seen. Perhaps with filthy locals with looser morals than you or I, your new found potty-mouthed Spanish might find a target. I shall hold no responsibility.

Still if you want to brush up on your language skills, or just learn to speak it as they do in the streets, then do check it out. You get to see my pretty face too. Which is worth the four minutes of crushing boredom alone.

Go get the tissues now!

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My Spanish Lovers: 20 Years in Spain with Paddy from Artichoke Adventures

Paddy Waller - life in Spain

What a difference a week makes! Escaping the drizzle and rain of England for the sunny climes of Valencia, life in Spain is back with a bang. Welcome to a new chapter of My Spanish Lovers, the series that profiles some of the biggest Spanish culture lovers from around the country.

Today I welcome my first male guest (we’re scarce us lot) Paddy Waller, of the superb blog Artichoke Adventures, which is all about Paddy’s last 20, yes 20, years in Spain. I joined Paddy and his wife Julia, for a much needed relaxing few days, last week near their home in Xátiva, Valencia.

Expect more on that trip this week, but for the time being I’ll put you all in the very capable hands of Paddy.  Continue Reading →

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