Five Kick-Ass Places to Learn Spanish Around the World

learn Spanish around the world

Probably not what learning Spanish is going to look like...made you think though right?

Hola mi gente (am I big enough of a travel blogger to say that yet?), I hope you’re all feeling sprightly and well as this short little month nears denouement. I’ve been working my little British nipples off what with studying, travel blogging and keeping everything else ticking over in my hectic yet happy life. Today I’m back with a bang though! I’m back to fire up my goal of encouraging you all get off your lazy asses and head out to learn Spanish around the world. Whether you want to or not…

Right. Now that all the niceties are out the way (don’t you just love me when I’m in this mood), let’s talk studying Spanish shall we? So, as readers of this blog might know, having seen me head out first to Caceres and then to Granada in pursuit of my goal, learning this language is something I’m very heavily emotionally involved in. Seriously: I think everyone should do it.

Yet while I’d love it if you came out and followed me, I also appreciate that there’s a crap tonne of other places out there just waiting for you to pull up a pew, glass of cerveza in hand, and start out on your own path to fluency. So whether its cities, beaches or historic towns that float your boat, be rest-assured that the world really is your oyster when it comes to learning Spanish.

And as the second most “first spoken language” in the world behind Chinese, you could do much worse things with your time after all no? Things like reading this blog!

So as for the most kick-ass places to learn Spanish around the world?

Read on for this little guiri’s recommendations. Continue Reading →

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5 Places From Spain Worth Travelling To

Top places from Spain worth travelling to

Spain is awesome but there's some great places outside you can travel to on the cheap

Visitors to this ‘ere blog will know that I love Spain just as much as the next Hemingway. Heaven knows I go on about it a fair bit.

Yet sometimes being stuck on the edge of western Europe has more advantages than fantastic weather, great people and cities that have the potential to make you a little stiff in the man department.

Yep, due to the hand this country was dealt by our good Lord in the geographical department, it’s in Spain that you can travel to some pretty damn beautiful places all over the rest of Europe, all on the budget of a penniless clown. Don’t forget that you can also find some great Spain hotel deals with

5 places from Spain that aren’t too far yet definitely worth travelling for? Check out these recommendations my good people. Then join me out there. Continue Reading →

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26 Lessons Learned from 26 Years of Wanderlust (Part 2)

26 lessons learned from wanderlust - Will Peach

Looking this effeminate and hip takes a lot of work don't ya know!

Howdy my travelling and (lest I forget) stay-at-home amigos, the wanderlust kid is back one again with the second part of his wise impartations, fresh from having only recently fulfilled 26 years on this earth.

I got a bit of slack from the last part – especially about my New York subway antics, but you know what? I’m not going to hold back any further this time around! Yep, my world wearing travels still have plenty of juice left in them as far as learned lessons go.

So without any more deliberating – and with a newly purchased ticket to this weekends Cadiz carnival in my hand, let’s continue onward shall we? Continue Reading →

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8 “Loco” Ways to Make the Spanish Angry

angry Spanish - protest Granada

What does it take to piss a Spaniard off?

Yesterday I saw, for the first time, my first proper Spanish protest and, to my innocent virgin eyes, the one and only time I’ve actually witnessed the Spanish angry. Having moved here from London, a month after the eve of the London riots and with a whole winters worth of angry and violent protest behind me, it’s proved surprising just how apathetic and chilled the Spanish seem to be in the face of their country getting raped and pillaged by corrupt financiers and bankers. Oh and me.

So when it came to the events of yesterday, after accompanying my socialist flatmate (yes she has dreadlocks) to the national bank on Gran Via, in the centre of Granada, I was smacking my lips in anticipation at the event of seeing some Spanish skulls get crushed by the policia. What I saw instead dismayed me a little. Yes there were some seriously Spanish angry people, but there weren’t many of them. And the frying pans? Did they really hope to effect much change armed only with kitchen utensils? The English “yoofs” were throwing missiles for chrissakes!

But it’s this connection that first got me thinking about the title of this post. If this many people (about five) showed up to protest a new law that would further damage the economy, I couldn’t help but start thinking:

“What more does it actually take to make the Spanish angry?”

Coming up with my own – very stereotypical – list of suggestions has proved quite fun. Got any more to add? Continue Reading →

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