So What Do Spanish Women Really Think of British Guys?

what spanish women really think - British guys

You would? Wouldn't you?

A dilettante, a rebel and an exceedingly talented wordsmith I am. A pornographer I am not. Yet despite all the flack that comes with running a popular travel sex website (hint: not the one you’re reading now), I still have absolutely no problems tackling the kind of questions that travellers, and people similar to me (young guys), coming to Spain, want to know about.

And despite being indisposed myself, as I’ve well pointed out, the question is still one that I’ve pondered:

What do Spanish women really think of us British men?

So aside from jumping on one of the next flights to Tenerife, knocking back the sangria and carpet bombing every “chica” in sight of course, how is this question expected to reach a satisfactory denouement? Basically it’s dead before we even start right? As generalisations never bode well in the public domain.

Still, that being said, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun eh? And with this being My Spanish Adventure (and me being your hapless guide to life in Spain), we’re going to go right ahead and generalise anyway. Because life’s like that. You can’t stop the bad shit from happening.

Luckily for me though – and one of the perks of having the attention of several expats and travellers at my fingertips on Facebook – I don’t have to take centre stage on this one. I asked some people I know for their thoughts instead. Because vicarious living really is the best way to live after all 😉

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My Spanish Lovers: 12 Years Scooping Spain with Regina and Nancy

My Spanish Lovers - The Spain Scoop

The Scoopettes - Regina on the left, Nancy on the right

Eurovision aside and I bet everyone’s wondering what to do with themselves again eh? Luckily My Spanish Lovers is back and we’ve got a fine slice of passionate talk on Spain for you that no doubt Terry Wogan himself would get exuberate about. We don’t do politics, only unabashed love for our adopted country.

This week I’m joined by Nancy and Reg, the couple better known as their collective online ego “The Spanish Scoopettes”. Running their long-standing site on all things Spain, The Spain Scoop is a really great site full of contributors that you may well have read about here before! On hand to talk us through their collective 12 years in Spain, let’s turn things over to the Scoopettes. Continue Reading →

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Wine, Wildlife and a Worrying Amount of Tapas: How the Spanish Thyme Travellers Delivered an Unforgettable Spanish Adventure

bodegas walk-the spanish thyme traveller

My track history with wine never ran much more than to the odd University society meet-up and the subsequent spelling of doom for traffic cones everywhere. My track record with wildlife, aside from martyring a few ducks in an accidental fishing accident, isn’t really worth speaking about all that much either.

Fortunately for me then, that later into my twenties (with, depending on who you ask of course, my last vestiges of youth and folly forever expunged) I had the opportunity to play catch-up.

Thrown a life-line by Paddy Waller and his wife Julia – a couple who seemingly take pity on traffic cones, ducks and pretty young girls (we won’t go into THAT story) – I joined them out in their country base, close to Xátiva, Valencia, to get to grips with some of the culture, history, nature and wine tours that they’ve just began operating under their tour company The Spanish Thyme Traveller.

With these two in tow, could I make amends for my careless youth and add a few strings of sophistication to the gutter trash travel persona I’ve worked effortlessly to maintain for myself over the past few years? Or would I leave just as ignorant and cultureless as before? My fate, was very much, in their hands.

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Find Me Those Who Hate Barcelona!

hate Barcelona

Barcelona lies! Image by AndyP

It’s the city that’s alluded me thus far on my Spanish sojourn, it’s the city it’s damn near impossible to find a hater of. Barcelona.

Yes, the second largest place in this tortilla-chomping country and home to the most annoying football team on the planet (sorry my Puyol loving Hamatha), gets plenty of attention around the web, but is it actually any good?

Having had no inclination to head there myself so far during this adventure (they speak Catalan after all) – and despite Guiri Girl’s best attempts to lure me – I’ve still managed to stay away from it like the MRSA bug I expect it is.

Yet I have been there, ages ago (as a straggly haired first year University student), but back then what was I interested in actually recording my experiences? Hell no. I hadn’t even realised yet that in the very depths of my soul lurked a beautiful burgeoning romantic blogger that might need to call on such experiences later on. Such is the folly of youth.

Anyway that aside, in typical My Spanish Adventure fashion I’ve been playing devil’s advocate to the Catalan capital and the shining reputation it’s gathered. Yes, because it’s about time we got a true reflection of Gaudi’s wet-dream-come-reality, I’ve taken to the Internet (and real life) to source all evidence of hate there is for this city out there. Question is, do you lot, sitting snug in your Wimdu apartment, agree? Continue Reading →

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