25 Sexy Photos of Spain You Can Use For Free On Your Travel Blog

photos of Spain - Fresco Tours - Andalucia tours

A tour through Andalucia (cc) Fresco Tours

Despite my promise to you all that I’d be taking a shed load more beautiful photos of Spain during my last three month stint in Andalucia, I didn’t really stick to my guns did I? But before you run off to sue my lazy ass (ah c’mon it’s not like you could afford it anyway), just stop for a minute will you. I’m here to make amends.

*Moves swiftly to a little preamble before anyone notices*

Now I know that many of you Spain-based bloggers can hold your own when it comes to a battle between man and flash, but for the rest of us, those who look at a camera like my parents look at me (with pity and caution), well, we can sometimes be a bit lost can’t we? Thank your lucky stars then (I’ll drop cliche’s if I want to – my blog, my rules), that the lovely resource, Creative Commons, has us covered.

Yep that’s right. With just a click of the mouse and a little browse over some thumbnails, you too can download and use some of these stunning photos of Spain. The only catch? Just drop a little credit to the photo’s author in the caption.

So with amends made and my little blogging tip of the day bestowed, here’s my pick of 25 of the best photos from Spain available for free use on your blogs.

Note: Feel free to use any of these on your own blogs but please credit the author! Include (cc) or write “Creative Commons licence: AUTHOR NAME” when posting these on your sites!

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Guest Post: Barcelona, Tips from the Locals

Barcelona tips - Aeropuerto_Barcelona

Spring has just started and millions of tourists are flocking to Barcelona. You can’t help but miss them, those throngs of typical tourists on their typical tourist tours that all come to visit us, the citizens of the Catalan capital. Being a local myself I often get inundated with questions from all and sundry eager for tips on how best to enjoy their vacations here. As these are often the the same questions, I’ve decided to write this article and save them all some time.

So instead of writing a long e-mail back to your Barcelona bound friends or spending an hour talking about the city, simply give them this link the next time they come looking for answers. Continue Reading →

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(My Spanish Lovers) Life in Spain: Direct from the Mouth of a Travelling Turtle

life in Spain - Erin with sheep

Happy Easter and Semana Santa (for my Spain-based readers), I hope you’re all enjoying an extra day of booze and TV that commemorates, thinly, the day on which Jesus Christ our saviour rose again. Like the man himself, I’m rising again to greet you all with another excellent edition of My Spanish Lovers, the Internet’s premier interview series with lovers of Spain and Spanish culture.

This week I’m joined by blogging stalwart and life in Spain veteran, Erin, of the quirkily named La Tortuga Viajera (the travelling turtle). Erin was one of the first Spain-based bloggers I contacted when I started out with this little blog and she’s also one of my favourites. Check out her blog for some stunning photography taken on her travels in and around Spain, as well as some mouth-watering shots of food and informative little tales about what’s going on in and around the country. (NOTE: right now she’s actually on the Camino so extra props to her too!)

Ready to start tucking in to your Easter Egg ready? Let’s go! Continue Reading →

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Best of the Spanish Travel Blogs: March

best of the Spanish travel blogs March

Ay caramba! After compiling this list of the best of the Spanish travel blogs from March I now feel a lot like what I imagine my guilty Spanish crush Mariano Rajoy feels like on a daily basis – exhausted and incapable of doing justice to the task in hand.

Yet after stumbling upon a plethora of brilliant new blogs all discussing the ins and outs of Spain and Spanish culture (thanks to Lisa Sadleir for inviting my fair bodice along to join in the fun over on the new Facebook group: Writers and Bloggers About Spain), I’m going to do my damnedest to serve you lot up another cracking list.

So enough with highlighting my desperate plight – and before you all jet off on your Spring holidays to Majorca – let’s see what the Spain expat blogosphere got up to this month shall we?

Warning: some of these posts are best read while wearing a Barcelona T-shirt sporting the name “Messi”. Perfection for perfection and all that ;) Continue Reading →

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