Nightlife in Rome – Have the Time of Your Life

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One great option to try if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Rome is visiting some of the monuments, ruins and fountains at night. These areas are beautifully lit at night and they are a popular spot after dark, especially during the summer months. The views are dramatic and you’re sure to get a view of Rome that you’ll never see when the sun is out. Consider visiting the Piazza del Campidoglio for a grand view of the Roman Forum. Another option is to check out the Piazza della Rotonda, which is right across from the Pantheon. It is dramatically beautiful when it is lit up at night and it’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Continue Reading →
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How to Get Laid Faster Using Spanish

get laid faster in Spanish

Come join me in the sack

I bet you thought these progress videos were all but dead eh? Well not exactly. I took the last month off to deal with some stuff (read: catch up with all my work and become a normal person again), so the Spanish progress updates went on the back-burner a bit. Having said that, I still got my creepy groove on during a recent trip to Madrid where I made this video on “10 Useful Spanish Phrases to Use in Spain”.

Putting this together for a guest post over on another prominent Madrid site, I noticed my popularity with young teenage ladies and the profligacy that they have for swearing. As for whether this video will help, as the title of the post suggests, with “getting laid faster”, remains to be seen. Perhaps with filthy locals with looser morals than you or I, your new found potty-mouthed Spanish might find a target. I shall hold no responsibility.

Still if you want to brush up on your language skills, or just learn to speak it as they do in the streets, then do check it out. You get to see my pretty face too. Which is worth the four minutes of crushing boredom alone.

Go get the tissues now!

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My Spanish Lovers: 20 Years in Spain with Paddy from Artichoke Adventures

Paddy Waller - life in Spain

What a difference a week makes! Escaping the drizzle and rain of England for the sunny climes of Valencia, life in Spain is back with a bang. Welcome to a new chapter of My Spanish Lovers, the series that profiles some of the biggest Spanish culture lovers from around the country.

Today I welcome my first male guest (we’re scarce us lot) Paddy Waller, of the superb blog Artichoke Adventures, which is all about Paddy’s last 20, yes 20, years in Spain. I joined Paddy and his wife Julia, for a much needed relaxing few days, last week near their home in Xátiva, Valencia.

Expect more on that trip this week, but for the time being I’ll put you all in the very capable hands of Paddy.  Continue Reading →

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Weirdest Tourist Attractions in Europe

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - Hunterian museum

London's Hunterian Museum - Image by

Hey guys! It’s not often I turn the site over to feature things outside of Spain or Spanish culture, but following the popularity of my 10 weird sights to see in Spain post I thought we’d take a broader look at what’s out there, a short EasyJet or RyanAir hop away, in Europe. 

This post was written by Show and Stay, providers of London shows.  

Are you tired of the same standard landmarks and crowded tourist traps? Looking for a strange and unique European experience? Join us as we journey through some of the continent’s most peculiar sights, perfect for those who like to stray from the well-worn sightseeing path.

Cockroach tour of the Science Museum, London

Enjoy an insect’s-eye view of the innovative exhibits in this magnificent museum as you embark on this quirky exploration of climate change. With compulsory cockroach costumes and an engaging guided tour, you’ll feel transformed into one of the planet’s most resilient pests. Curated by Superflex, a Danish arts group committed to raising awareness of global problems, this extremely entertaining expedition is great for kids of all ages. Jazz up any London weekend theatre break with this fun-packed family tour, available until August 2012.

Hunterian Museum, London

If you’re a sucker for the strange and the startling, this spectacle of specimens is sure to seduce, with its dazzling displays of skulls, skeletons and shrivelled body parts in jars. Keep an eye out for dissected human organs, or extinct animal remains, all showcased in gleaming glass cases. Among them are the bones of Irish giant Charles Byrne, exhibited against his express wish to be buried at sea. Why not visit this Arcadia of anatomy next time you’re on a London break?

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - cockroach tour

All these and more on the cockroach tour - Image by Ryan Somma

The Sewer Museum, Paris

Step inside one of the oldest working septic systems in the world at this marvellous museum of merde. Enjoy exhibits situated on reticulated walkways, through which you can see the flowing drain water beneath you. Take a leisurely stroll through the history of sewer structures, including monstrous machinery used to maintain the network of spooky tunnels. Les Miserables  fans will love hearing how Jean Valjean hid in the convoluted complex as they explore the strangely peaceful and surprisingly wide passages on the free guided tour.

Occupational Health and Safety Exhibition, Germany

The title suggests this is perhaps the most tedious tourist destination on the planet, but in fact it’s a fascinating display of health and wellbeing, packed full of interactive exhibits. Play with robotic arms, take a ride in an aircraft cockpit, explore the mock-up of a power station control centre, or marvel at all manner of machinery from helicopters to dentist’s drills. All exhibits are in German, but fear not — there’s plenty of buttons to press and games to play to ensure you’re fully entertained.

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - occupational health and safety Germany

Everything looking very occupationally safe and healthy in Germany

Elounda Lagoon, Crete

Folklore fans will be enchanted by this legendary lagoon, home of mythical mermaid Vritomartis. The pristine pool also contains the sunken remains of the lost city of Olos, whose ancient walls can be glimpsed beneath the surface when the water is calm. Not only that, but situated amid this breath-taking body of water is the island of Spinalonga, former Venetian fortress and leper colony made famous by Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel ‘The Island’.

Sedlec, Czech Republic

If you’re a maniac for the macabre, head to this gothic church where approximately 70,000 skeletons have been structured to form sculptures shaped like crosses, chandeliers and even the name of the woodcarver who created the freaky furnishings. The chapel became a gruesome gallery of bones in 1870, when the local graveyard began to overflow.

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - Sedlec

The skulls of Sedlec - Image by Alberto Carrasco Casado

Sculpture Park of Viejo Rönkkönen, Finland

In the heart of a Finnish forest, this folk art phenomenon is filled with frightening figures whose menacing grins contain real human teeth. Over 200 of the 450 scary sculptures are self-portraits of the reclusive artist, each of which has a loudspeaker inside emitting spooky sounds to add to the eerie atmosphere. The nightmarish attraction is free to enter, but the artist is insistent that visitors sign the guestbook before they leave.

Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

Situated in the Cappadocia region, known for its impressive ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations, this curious cavern houses 16,000 locks of hair, each individually labelled with the name and address of the donor. The disconnected tresses adorn the entire walls and ceiling of the hairy hideaway, and visitors are encouraged, though not obliged, to contribute a piece of their own mane to add to the collection.

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - Avanos hair museum

A bit hairy: Avanos hair museum

Witches’ Well, Estonia

After heavy rain or during a thaw, this natural well overflows, flooding the surrounding marsh with water from an underground river, sometimes at speeds of up to 25 gallons per second. Superstitious Estonians attribute this miracle of Mother Nature to subterranean scuffles between sorceresses, who are thought to be beating each other with birch branches. Locals even claim that blazing demons regularly fly over the area.

Gnome Reserve, Devon

Located between Bideford and Bude, this woodland wonderland is a designated home for gnomes, with over 1,000 of the garden guardians dispersed throughout the four-acre site. Guests are encouraged to don little red hats and sport fishing rods in order to fit in with the impish inhabitants, who are arranged in a series of side-splitting poses, such as at the airport, at the fairground or on a motorbike. The pleasant park is also home to a wonderful wild flower garden.

weirdest tourist attractions Europe - gnome museum

Gnomes: rocking it in Devon

What’s more is that all these attractions can be reached cheaply and easily from Spain! Have any more ideas you might want to add?

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