Guest Post: The Architecture of Sexy Seville

sexy Seville
Hans is a world traveler, who enjoys writing about everything regarding holidays and vacations. Passionate about SEO and world history, found in writing the perfect way to share his experiences with his fellow travelers.

The architecture of sexy Seville is clearly for savoring, like eye-candy for the soul. If you’re in the planning stages of an excursion to sunny Spain, you’ll need a home base. Seville apartments provide the perfect place for a good night’s rest after walking about all day. For the best possible experience in Seville, you must be well-rested, well-breakfasted and be wearing shoes made for walking!

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My Spanish Lovers: Lauren’s Savours of Spanish Culture

Spanish culture: reflections of Lauren from Spanish Sabores

Lauren enjoying a good dose of that Spanish sun

Hola a todos! I’m writing to you from a surprisingly sunny London where I’ll be staying for a few days before I catch a flight back out to Spain to continue onward with my journey. Looking outside at the sun it’s like I never left!

Anyway today I’m super excited to be bringing you another amazing interview on life in Spain, this time with the lovely Lauren who runs the brilliant blog Spanish Sabores. Check it out if you want to learn more about Lauren’s own unique view of Spanish culture – she’s always got a lot of interesting things to say. Lauren also runs the intriguing site Recetas Americanas, where she shares her own cultural cuisine with the Spanish population. Very cool, very different!

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The Ultimate Guide to “Being British” in Spain: Spanish Airports

British in Spain: airports

British doing what they do best: being overly British (cc) Kalleboo


Likening the game of spotting British in Spain to a search of needles in haystacks is futile business. Nowhere is this more evident than in airport. Having passed through a fair few Spanish ones throughout the history of My Spanish Adventure, and, more specifically, being British myself, I’m confident when I position myself as an expert in this field.

Even as I write this now I’m strengthening this skill. Sitting here in Malaga Airport for what seems like the hundredth time (in reality it’s something like the fourth, but hey, what nerd counts?), all I can hear and see are leathery-bodied British tourists returning from their Costa Blanca holidays.

Ah, but I probably shouldn’t say “British” – and here goes my attempt to increase my Scottish and Welsh following – *flutters eyelashes at Adventures with Dan* – because “English” is far more like it.

And so you’re probably wondering where this is all leading. Well I guess the point I want to emphasise here (well I’m actually going to stretch it out in this post), is that this game is really quite fun. Because the British in Spain stand out. And I’ve forgot just how quirky and interesting they can be when they’re going to and from their cheap holidays abroad.

So here’s my advice for those out there (specifically to you Anglophiles that reside across the pond) that want to appear more “British” English when you’re kicking back waiting for those delays to get even longer. Here’s how to be British in a Spanish airport… Continue Reading →

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What to See in Valencia: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciences

what to see in Valencia: Ciudad Artes Ciencias building

Valencia's Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciences (cc) hermenpaca

Hans is a world traveler, who enjoys writing everything regarding holidays and vacations. Passionate about SEO and world history, found in writing the perfect way to share his experiences with his fellow travelers.

Designed by arquitects Félix Candela and Santiago Calatrava, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciences, is a breathtaking complex devoted to the disciplines of the sciences and the arts and offers learning in an innovative and more interactive way. One of the largest educational complexes in Europe, this remarkable structure covers an area of approximately 3 kilometers on the riverbed of the Turia River and offers a definite answer to any question over what to see in Valencia.

Aiming to encourage and stimulate the knowledge process of science and art related topics among its visitors, this futuristic construction has the incredible ability to amuse and catch the attention of science enthusiasts and school students, making it a place where learning becomes a very fun experience indeed.

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