Can You Learn Spanish Without Taking Classes?

One of the more frequent questions that’s asked out there on the inter webs is; can you learn Spanish without taking classes?

What this indicates is a) either there are a lot of antisocial people out there who’d rather hole up in their own space to figure out the deep complexities of a new language or b ) that people perhaps would rather save the money if there are ample resources enough to go it alone. Continue Reading →

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New Spanish Learning Strategy: Improve via Learning Spanish History on YouTube

Having recently waxed lyrical over what strategies you can employ to really up your Spanish comprehension, I began looking at new ways I can concentrate my twenty-minutes of active listening each day outside of simply listening to the news.

All that time I dedicate to staying on top of current affairs? I figured I could put that to better use and actually educate myself, through Spanish, on the history of the country itself. Continue Reading →

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Learning Spanish? How to Really Improve Your Listening

Listening is one of my weakest points when it comes to mastering Spanish. Thanks to the ever-changing register and formality — observe how often Spanish changes between the impersonal second-person and the formal third-person (and even the third-person plural) — you’ll no doubt understand why.

Then there’s the sheer pace at which native Spanish speakers speak. Which can only be described as akin to lightning. 

Furthered even more so by the frequent peppering of colloquialisms usually reserved for speech rather than the written language.

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Want to Get Really Good At Spanish? Study at the EOI

If you find yourself living in Spain, doing whatever, with a desire to really get mastery over the language, then there’s one thing I really recommend doing. Studying at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI), one of the Official Language Schools dotted all round Spain.

I first heard about the EOI when I was living in Cáceres, Extremadura, almost five years ago. It wasn’t until this year however, February of 2016, that I actually enrolled as a student here in the main Jesus Maestro centre in Madrid.

Thanks to a friend, Julia, who landed a job teaching German at different branch of the EOI in Madrid, I was tipped off again at the start of the year that a new term was about to start running from February through to the end of May, with examinations in June. Continue Reading →

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