Kick Off Your Spanish Adventure in Style!

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

You step off the plane having left everything, your job, your boyfriend, your family dogs; all back at home. It’s daunting. I know because I’ve been there (well, all except the boyfriend part).

All this goes with the territory of having a Spanish adventure of course. With a little pain and sacrifice comes great excitement and joy. All waiting for you just around the corner. When you’ve settled down a little better and had a chance to survey the landscape and get your bearings.

But what if I said that you could get that little extra comfort right from the get-go? Not feel so blue having stepped off a plane and into something so glaringly different?

Thanks to the development of smart new services like Blacklane’s, you can travel in a little more comfort, feel safe and secure getting from A to B and kick off a new Spanish adventure in style! Arrive in any major city and it’s all yours to experience too. Continue Reading →

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Celebrating Life In Madrid

pin with flag of Spain in Madrid

Madrid is a city that thrives on its energy, and celebrates life as it comes. The number of festivals, events, concerts, and cultural activities that take place here are off the charts. The culture and the people are unabashed and jovial, living life as a festival in itself. The culture of a place is made by the locals, and Madrid embodies this spirit through its museums, traditional pubs and bars, and various local spots seeped in Madrid’s culture. Every nook and corner unearths a new surprise for tourists. Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Arrange Your Own Cultural Immersion with Tim and Francesca

beautiful madrid

Time for a new My Spanish Lovers update and this time we’re all about cultural immersion. Sitting down with Tim and Francesca from, I’m super excited to show readers what’s possible when it comes to planning your own cultural immersion experience in a Spanish speaking country. This makes it so much easier to do what I set out to do all at the beginning of the journey and provides a cool new service to anyone hoping to do similar. Over to them… Continue Reading →

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Immerse Yourself!

Spanish Fun Facts: La Tomatina
For many, spending time abroad is the dream of a lifetime. Whether it is a brief holiday or a few years spent as an expat, the goal of entering into a foreign culture and enjoying the chance to learn a different way to look at the world appeals to many of us. We scrimp, we save, we make plans, and off we go. Continue Reading →

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