My Spanish Lovers: Arrange Your Own Cultural Immersion with Tim and Francesca

beautiful madrid

Time for a new My Spanish Lovers update and this time we’re all about cultural immersion. Sitting down with Tim and Francesca from, I’m super excited to show readers what’s possible when it comes to planning your own cultural immersion experience in a Spanish speaking country. This makes it so much easier to do what I set out to do all at the beginning of the journey and provides a cool new service to anyone hoping to do similar. Over to them… Continue Reading →

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Immerse Yourself!

Spanish Fun Facts: La Tomatina
For many, spending time abroad is the dream of a lifetime. Whether it is a brief holiday or a few years spent as an expat, the goal of entering into a foreign culture and enjoying the chance to learn a different way to look at the world appeals to many of us. We scrimp, we save, we make plans, and off we go. Continue Reading →

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Learning Spanish? 4 Steps to Make Social Media Your Newest Study Tool


Social media is a part of most people’s everyday lives. In fact, with smartphones and tablets becoming more and more common, many people are plugged in and active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites from the moment they wake up in the morning until they crawl into bed at night. Continue Reading →

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Spring in Spain with the Whole Family

Caramel baby and child

Vacations in Spain during the spring are usually the most anticipated ones among families as the weather is exceptionally good that lets them enjoy with their kids. Spain is popular for its picturesque locations with sunny beaches, unique architecture, flamenco dance, bull fights and soccer. This is the perfect getaway for the spring as there are various fun filled activities to indulge in along with your kids. The weather remains temperate with pleasant blue skies during spring. The nights are a bit chilly and might have drizzle for a few hours. The blooming tulips and other early flowers are sure to attract you during this time. Continue Reading →

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