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Spoiled for Choice: Holidays to the Mediterranean


As holiday destinations go, the Mediterranean has much to boast of; mountainous terrain, sparkling seas, the most favorable climate in the world, and a legacy of history, culture, art and excellent cuisine. But the Med is, after all, an area of the world that covers 21 countries, and three continents, so if you’re deciding to go on holiday there, you might have to get a bit more specific. Read on for a few of the top Mediterranean destinations for 2014. Continue Reading →

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Ronaldo and Bebeto – A Deadly Duo Fondly Remembered in Spain


When Brazil were crowned 1994 World Champions at the end of a dramatic penalty shoot out with Italy, star striker Bebeto was joined in the celebrations by a fresh faced, largely unknown 17 year old by the name of Ronaldo. Four years later in 1998, Ronaldo was first choice in the side while in 2002, he finished as the tournament’s leading scorer as the Brazilians lifted the trophy for a record fifth time. Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Bryan Wisotsky From CityWonders

Today on I’m joined by Bryan Wisotsky, head of SEO over at CityWonders Tours. Having recently extended their international tour offerings to Spain, I get the lowdown on what you can expect when exploring Spain with Brian and his team.

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Kick Off Your Spanish Adventure in Style!

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

You step off the plane having left everything, your job, your boyfriend, your family dogs; all back at home. It’s daunting. I know because I’ve been there (well, all except the boyfriend part).

All this goes with the territory of having a Spanish adventure of course. With a little pain and sacrifice comes great excitement and joy. All waiting for you just around the corner. When you’ve settled down a little better and had a chance to survey the landscape and get your bearings.

But what if I said that you could get that little extra comfort right from the get-go? Not feel so blue having stepped off a plane and into something so glaringly different?

Thanks to the development of smart new services like Blacklane’s, you can travel in a little more comfort, feel safe and secure getting from A to B and kick off a new Spanish adventure in style! Arrive in any major city and it’s all yours to experience too. Continue Reading →

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