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How to Live in Madrid on the Cheap

It’s been a while since I’ve offered up some tips on how to live in Spain on the cheap. Everything, in the last couple of weeks at least, has been predominantly about language learning. And although learning Spanish is a big focus of the site, I also started to discuss how people could build a self-immersive language project for themselves.

Those intentions haven’t changed, despite having lived in Madrid  two years now and not having talked about it much (if at all) here on the blog.

That’s why I’m keen to change tact right now and delve into this in a bit more detail.

Because putting together your own Spanish-immersion project, I’d argue, works a lot more effectively when you can at least live in a Spanish-speaking country.

Where better than the capital of Spain itself? Continue Reading →

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A pasarla bien sin pasarse de 21


Considerado por los españoles como uno de los preferidos y más populares a la hora de elegir un juego de casino. Su mezcla de aparente simpleza y requerida habilidad hacen del “21” una atractiva y concurrida opción. Continue Reading →

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Why Thrifty Travellers Can’t Get Enough of Spain


For most people, the biggest obstacle preventing them from travelling more is the cost, whether it’s the pricey flights or high cost of living at their chosen destination. However, believe it or not, there are still areas of Europe where you really can enjoy a holiday on a tight budget. Among these elusive locations is Spain, where it’s not just easy to have an affordable holiday, but getting there is surprisingly inexpensive too! Continue Reading →

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Three Free Things to Do in Barcelona

cheap holidays to barcelona

If you are on heavy budgetary constraints but still dying to take a vacation or trip, then Barcelona may just be the ideal place for you. You will be amazed to know that cheap holidays to Barcelona are what many travellers prefer these days, as there are several free things to do there. For example, Barcelona has a few very famous sites that allow their visitors to enter free of cost throughout the week while some allows free entry during specific days in a week. It is best to plan out your trip according to the free entry days as it would help you cover some of the best attractions that this beautiful Catalonian city has to offer. Let us check out some of the destinations that allow visitors free entry. Our three favorite free entry destinations are: Park Guell, the Barceloneta beach and El Gotico. Continue Reading →

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