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My Spanish Lovers: Annie from Gambas and Grits

Gambas and Grits

So finally worked up the courage to reach out to Annie from Gambas and Grits, one of my favorite Spain-centric blogs on the web. What makes Gambas and Grits so great? Well, for one thing, it’s about delicious Spanish food. For another, Annie’s a pretty kick ass cook and champion of doing what it takes to be happy. And doing it well. Read on to learn more about this Texas gal turned Spanish culinary master. Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Teaching in Madrid with Sam Rosenthal

Sam Rosenthal

Who’s been lonely for a little Spanish lovin’ these days? I have, and I don’t really care about whether you guys have, so here we are with our latest addition to My Spanish Lovers. Today we’re talking to Sam Rosenthal, a former English teacher in Madrid, Spain.

Sam’s sitting down with us to talk about Spanish language barriers, American comforts and the trick to embracing it all. Check out his story, and then check out his blog – you know you want to. Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Anonymous Eggcup

My Spanish Lover: Eggcup

Today’s start of My Spanish Lovers brings just the right amount of my favorite thing – controversy. Meet my first anonymous Spanish lover, Eggcup. Eggcup spent five years living as a UK transplant in Spain, and the truth about the experience isn’t exactly pretty.

Check out Eggcup’s story of shitty expats, unhelpful locals and why the first two years of living in Spain are, in Eggcup’s own words, “possibly the worst of my life.”  Continue Reading →

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My Spanish Lovers: Rob from Spanish Obsessed

Rob Ashby Spanish Obsessed

I’ve yet to make it to South America, which is obviously their loss. But today’s celebrity guest here at My Spanish Lovers has, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg my friends. Rob Ashby, from the all-things-Spanish website Spanish Obsessed, has lived in Spain, South America and the UK. Sit back and relax as he tells us why the weather in Spain just can’t be beat, but the tv sure can. Continue Reading →

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