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New Spanish Learning Strategy: Improve via Learning Spanish History on YouTube

Having recently waxed lyrical over what strategies you can employ to really up your Spanish comprehension, I began looking at new ways I can concentrate my twenty-minutes of active listening each day outside of simply listening to the news.

All that time I dedicate to staying on top of current affairs? I figured I could put that to better use and actually educate myself, through Spanish, on the history of the country itself. Continue Reading →

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From Flashcards to Freakouts: the Art of Learning Another Language and Not Going Crazy

Here’s the hardest part, hands down, of learning any language, ever. Harder than memorizing tenses. Harder than subjunctive conjugations. Harder even still than negative mandates in the pluperfect oh my gosh my head hurts. Are you ready?

The hardest part of learning a language, no matter which language it is, is getting over the embarrassment of actually speaking it. Continue Reading →

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Learning the Spanish language in London

Many younger Britons are now interested in learning Spanish as a second language, here is a guide about doing so while you are living in London. This city is actually a great place to learn a second language as you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world including Spaniards and therefore pretty soon you could be starting practicing with your neighbours. Continue Reading →

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Learning Spanish: A Guide for the Chronically Fatigued

learning spanish: a guide for the chronically fatigued

It´s a pain in the neck and you´re knackered.  This “learning Spanish”  gig just goes on and on with no end in sight. Well, that´s what you signed up for. What did you think language-learning was like? A weekend of webinars? A two-day tour of Twitter?

It´s not.  Learning a language is real work – but it doesn´t all have to be wearisome. The trick is to move the goalposts closer. Continue Reading →

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