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Four of the Best Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Mediterranean Cruise

The Mediterranean is an incredibly popular destination for travel and as a result more and more people are choosing to take cruises so they can see as many of the ports that the Med has to offer in as short a time as possible. Continue Reading →

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The Best Beaches to Visit in Spain

Spain has been a long favoured destination for tourists all over Europe and beyond. Many people love escaping to the coast to enjoy a sunny break on the beautiful beaches that are found in abundance and Spain has once again been awarded the highest number of blue flags in the world. 550 Blue flag beaches are waiting for you, so if you are having any difficulty in choosing where to sun yourself take a look at our top choices! Continue Reading →

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Drinking Like A Spaniard

Silver Oak Casino

Every country has its own language, its own customs, and its own quirks. Part of immersing yourself in another country’s culture is picking up on these idiosyncrasies and nuances, and in Spain that means learning about a place with a rich history of fermenting and distilling. Especially in the summer months when temperatures climb and siestas become an essential part of one’s day, the easiest way to spot a tourist is to look for the person ordering sangria. Continue Reading →

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How to Teach English in Spain

Teaching English as a foreign language is a great opportunity that is available to you in many countries, Spain being a great place to start. Many people choose Spain as their base for TEFL teaching due to its proximity to the UK, its temperate climes and the excellent lifestyle and food it offers. However, before booking your flights and jetting of to warmer lands there are some preparations you must take.  Continue Reading →

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