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Oh so you want more do you? Like I haven’t bared my soul enough eh!

Luckily I’m pretty prolific at this damn writing thing and write quite a bit around the web.

Here’s just some of the places I’ve been published:

Permanent Plastic Helmet – Killing me softly without his words: The problem with dubbing
DIWY – Travel is hard for boys too relocating to Spain
Suzy Guese – Extremadura, Spain Wishes You Were Here
Christine in Spain – The Five Greatest Challenges of Immersing Yourself in Spain
Vagabundo Magazine – Cáceres: Spain’s Forgotten City
Twenty Something Travel – The Art of Spanish Under Immersion
Sam’s Playground – Top 5 Things to Do for Free in Seville
Travelated – 5 Lessons Learned from Leaping to Spain
The Travel Hack – 10 Essential Steps: How to make the most of your travel editorial internship
Spain Is My Happy Place – Getting to Grips with Spanish-Speak Like A Pro In A Matter of Months!
Small World Pursuits – The Benefits of Bringing a Varied Skill Set to Travel
Runaway Brits Abroad – Runaway Brits Abroad
Backpacks and Bunks – An interview with Will from
TEFL Jobs Worldwide – Supplementing Your Teaching Income: Finding Private Students in Spain
Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal – When living the dream becomes stark reality
i-to-i TEFL Blog – Son of a Peach! Starting a New TEFL Life in Sunny Spain…
OverYonder Lust – Guest Post: How Travelling Tore Us Apart: The Pitfalls of Moving Abroad with a Loved One
Andalucia Explorer – Surviving as a Vegetarian in Spain

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  1. Paul December 22, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    Hola Will,

    I must say I have enjoed visiting your blog and the videos are cool too! You have impressed me with your level of spoken spanish in so little time here.

    I have a couple of questions;

    Are you studying reading & writing as well?

    Did you have no knowledge of Spanish before you arrived?

    Did you go to any classes? and lastly

    Did you speak to many people in Sevilla & Huelva, how did you get on with understanding Andaluces?

    I have been here 9 years and more or less learnt Spanish on the street. I am pretty much self taught, so I still make lots of basic mistakes.

    I really like ‘ Why you should quit your shitty job & move to Spain in 2012’ would you agree for me to post that on my blog?
    I would link it back to your blog, give you an intro or you can basically write what evr you like but it would be nice for me to get it posted up before we get into 2012.

    I wish you every success, keep up the good work and Feliz Navidad


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