My Spanish Promise: A Fellow Brit’s Vow to Learn Spanish

RexyEdventuresHola! Okay, that’s pretty much the extent of my Spanish. Sorry. Don’t kill me with the Inquisition. Blame Queen Elizabeth I. If her fleet didn’t defeat your Armada in 1588, then I’m sure I would have been speaking Spanish and running with the Bulls.

Yes, insults over. I want to give you my promise. I will learn to speak Spanish by May next year. Why? I give you three reasons. 

  • I will be travelling in Spain in May next year. Dum Dum Duuuuuuuum! You’re lucky – this is my first announcement of my 2013 travel plans, so you should feel proud to hear this. For three weeks, I will be hitting up the delights of España, including Valencia, Madrid, Pamplona, Barcelona and many more! I’ll just have to get Peachy here to advise me where to go once he stops swearing. (bad boy, you..). His Spanish Adventures have me yearning for Spain (though not for Will himself, however much he tries to make me believe it) and get involved in the cultural activities and try out the amazing food this country has to offer. Also, I need to top up my tan. Not that I’m vain or anything.
  • I want to mingle with locals, not tourists. If you’d asked me last year if I wanted to travel to Spain, you would have been met with a firmly resounding ‘NO!’ Why? My first thought about Spain was the drunken old tourist hitting up Benidorm (the uk programme didn’t help,) and it’s where old people go to retire and have sex.  Actually, I thought the country was full of old European ex-pats rubbing each other up with Aloe Vera and moaning delightfully. That’s NOT a place I want to go to. But when I was travelling round the world, I bumped into several Spanish backpackers. Not only they were young but absolutely hot! They didn’t have good English but I soon swooned when they spoke to me in Spanish while I stared at those fulsome, whole, moist lips. Mmmm. But any attempts to chat them up were thwarted when we couldn’t understand each other. Okay, you got me, I want to learn Spanish to chat the hot locals up not the drunken old tourists. An Englishman can dream…
  • I need to have another language under my belt. Throughout my travels, I’ve been pretty embarrassed that I’m unable to converse with my fellow European backpackers in another language. I know English is taking over the world, but with every other European knowing English along with German, Spanish or Finnish(!), I can only offer my own mother tongue. Oooh, does Body Language count? But seriously, I hear Spanish is easy to learn…even easier than English so I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing I don’t have to go through those fickle verbs and grammar that I had to painfully undertake when I learnt French at school. And then forgot.

So what do I do now? Grabbing a Spanish dictionary, I’ll try to learn some vocabulary before signing up to a Spanish class in the new year and before I know it, I’ll be travelling in Spain with their language under my belt smooching Penelope Cruz. Fact.

However, If I break my promise, you can always hit me with a tomato…hard…in my special place. And I’ll get Will to do it.

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