How To Stay Fit Travelling in Spain

Travelling and going on vacation is fun. Wandering around the hottest Spanish destinations, meeting great new friends and binging yourself silly on tapas, all make your adventure one hell of a memorable experience. But amid all the fun, there’s often a trade off. Your exercise routine goes crazy during your trip.

Here are five simple tips that can help you to stay fit even while travelling and having the time of your life in Spain.

Search for Options to Stay Fit

Being fit is a matter of personal choice, where you travel to is often no consideration. To meet the needs of the fitness fanatics, most hotels have facilities such as a pool or a gym. Enquire about such facilities before booking a hotel inSpain and benefit from them.

Even if there are no such facilities offered, Spain is a great place to go for a run. You can also check out some of the great workout programs they have online and follow in the room itself. Use the stairs instead of elevators, especially in the hotel. Doing 45 minutes of daily physical activity is enough to keep you energetic and healthy throughout the day. If it is up to you to choose a Spanish destination, select a place that allows you to get involved in some kind of adventure sport like trekking, mountaineering and canoeing.

Remain Hydrated and Eat Nutritious Food

Let water be your favorite drink while travelling. It not only hydrates your body but also keeps you away from artificially sweetened drinks. Always carry a water bottle with you while on the road. Alternatively, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and fruit juices that are healthy. Always keep some healthy snacks like nuts in your bag. These are easy to find in any local fruteria.

Do Not Give in to Too Much Temptation

Travelling around Spain means you’ll find plenty of new eating joints and new specialties to try. There is jamon, cheese, chocolate cake and other mouth watering cuisine that might tempt you, but if your goal is fitness, calorific food is a strict no-no. Even if you spoil yourself by eating unhealthy food you must compensate for it by exercising. Also, keep away from desserts and if you want to taste it, share it. Spain isn’t a hard place to maintain a balanced diet.

Stay Away from Drinking

A trip to Spain is somewhat tantamount to drinking to extremes and suffering killer hangovers. To avoid that beer belly you hate so much and to have a healthy heart, you should steer clear of drinking if you can. Remember drinking in moderation is the key to a healthy life and you can always enjoy a small splash of sangria or wine during the day.

Follow These Tips

Your gym clothes and shoes must always travel along with you.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Stick to this fitness rule even during holidays.

Keep your fitness level under control. Carry devices such as a sphygmomanometer, glucometer, pedometer etc. for keeping tabs on your health.

Last but not least, if you do indulge in unhealthy food do not spoil your Spanish vacation with feelings of regret. Relish your food slowly and make sure you do enough exercise during the day to burn off those extra calories.

Have any more tips for staying healthy during a trip to Spain? Share your comments below…

One Response to How To Stay Fit Travelling in Spain

  1. Escapist January 20, 2014 at 10:09 am #

    It’s good to do a few workout exercises in your hotel room ever once in a while… either in the morning or in the evening. Helps a lot!
    I always strive to buy as many fresh vegetables and fruits as I can… Drinking simply water also helps me stay fit.
    What I often feel during trips is that I consume a lot of energy and high-energy foods like meat products or sweets can compensate for that. Of course, during trips we tend to overlook meat… a good steak or bacon can fill my batteries for a few hours!