How to Experience Spain Without Giving Up Your Day job

Not all of us have the possibility of taking the plunge and moving to Spain full-time, which is obviously the best way to experience a country and its language. However, if you’re a lover of all things Spanish, the huge number of cheap flights you can get to destinations all over Spain mean that it’s really easy to visit this beautiful country, even if you can only go for the weekend.

The only trouble you’ll have is in choosing where to go. There are so many different things to see and do in Spain that each trip will bring something new. You might feel like a city break – in which case you could go for one of the classics – like Barcelona, Madrid or Granada. In any of these three, you’ve got a great combination of art and culture as well as other attractions. For example, there’s  the Costa Brava in Barcelona. In Granada you’re perfectly placed for access to the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Costa Tropical is only an hour away. Madrid, meanwhile, is the Spanish capital city and has a heap of museums and other cultural attractions to draw visitors.

Then of course, there are the Spanish islands to consider. A break in Palma, Majorca, has plenty to offer tourists. The city often gets missed out by people heading to beach resorts on the islands, which is a pity as there are some great things to see there, including the Gothic cathedral by the water. The old town is beautiful and has plenty of little streets to explore, many of which lead you to the central square Placa Mayor. The Museum of Mallorca is a great place to find out about the island’s history.

And there are other islands to choose from, including Menorca, Ibiza, and the Canaries. The possibility to pick a destination, find a cheap flight and be on your way to Spain in a matter of days is great. For anyone who has wanderlust but is tied to a 9 to5 job, you really should make the most of your weekends!

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  1. Expatana December 8, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    You’re most definitely directing these posts only to British and Irish readers. You made that obvious a long time ago but I couldn’t resist reading anyway despite my “disadvantaged” position as an American — and I must admit your photography is superb. 🙂